Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Z Bar Top Clamps and Z Idler Bracket

Hardwood Z Bar Top Clamp

Clamped onto Bar

Here's the close-ups of the hardwood Z top clamps. I drilled all the holes first then just cut down the middle with my hacksaw, so the two pieces are only a blade-width apart, and the cross-holes have perfect alignment. These new clamps feel very strong and I'm confident they'll survive much better than the last set.

Z Idler Bracket

Test Fit with some bearings mounted

Here's my latest part in-situ, the z idler bracket. It looks like this wood may be a bit soft, but we'll see how it goes. Maybe the washers will just dig in nicely?

Can also see the last of the studding cut to size in the last pic above. Those 418mm lengths through the Z Leadscrew Bases look a bit short to me, maybe make yours 430mm or so unless that's just some sort of error on my part.

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