Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bearing Blocks and Print Settings

Y Bearing

360 Inner

Here's my first bearing block, two Y 360 inners put together until I can make matching outers for them. Since the angled bearings aren't perfectly straight and don't align perfectly, it has a tendency to spiral around the rod while travelling, about a quarter turn per 300mm of travel. I think I can clamp against this and overcome the friction until I can print new ones.

These blocks were quite fun to make from wood- lots of work with a bevel gauge, a saw and a wickedly sharp chisel. The holes were eyeballed and drilled out with a cordless drill, since I've had much better luck with this method than the pedestal drill, especially with odd angles.

Print Settings

For those of you having trouble getting prints to scale, the above shows the settings I use in gimp. Other image editors should sport similar settings.


  1. Interesting posts.. I will be trying the nylon corner block bearings used in my Darwins excelent work. Your Drawings are very useful by the way.. Thank you.

  2. Hi, your parts look great. Thanks for sharing. Could you please help me with gettng a scale print out? When I use your gimp settings (600dpi) on the .png files, I get very tiny parts. I have had a hard time with Blender (rab3d) tutorial to create the measuring template page. thank you