Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cutting splines into motor shaft for the extruder, and a start on Y bearing holders


Cut Splines

Dremel Raised

Cut Splines Close-Up

Here I am cutting splines into a motor shaft in preparation for my extruder according to Pinch-Wheel Variations on reprap wiki.

Motor Controller

L293D Close-Up

7 Ohms of Toaster Nichrome

I'm using my 7 ohms of nichrome to limit current to my stepper, since I don't have a chopper yet, and a 12v/20w dichroic globe to load the PSU's 5v line.

Y Bearing

360 Inner

"Y Bearing 360 Inner", although I haven't yet cut the bearing slots in the bottom yet. They'll have to wait for another day.

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