Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Breakage

Section view of

Bearing Collar

Collar In-situ

Here's a section view of the collar I made to put M6 studding in a 608 bearing. Note the lengthwise cut which allows me to reduce the diameter enough for it to fit properly.

Broken Parts

These parts all broke because 6mm holes don't accept 6mm studding too well, especially when they're not particularly straight. Widening them out to 6.35mm (1/4") helps immensely, as does eyeballing them straight rather than relying on the pedestal drill. I filled the cracks with PVA and clamped them for the night. One of them had already split, and it split again on the other side indicating that the glue is stronger than the wood!

Motor Driver Overview

Motor Driver in operation

Quick shot of motor driver operating in its new location with some debug output on the screen.

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  1. Take a piece of rigid, say 4mm, wire with a 45° bend in it and set it in the chuck, so that when the chuck's rotated by hand, the end of the wire describes a circle 100mm or larger. Set the depth so that the tip of the wire almost touches the pillar drill's table. When the wire's touching the drill table through a full rotation, the table's flat and holes'll be square.