Friday, August 12, 2011

First Print!

Just finished my first print!

Material: 3mm Orange PLA
Layer height: 0.35mm
Nozzle diam: 0.5mm

Something happened here, printer randomly decided to slow down to about 10 steps per second and start driving out into space. I paused it, cut off the blob with my dremel and hit resume. It seemed to go okay from there, but there's a noticeably bad layer through the middle of the object. I hope it won't affect it too much.

Here's the object still stuck to the bed

And here's the other side so you can see the bridges. They're a bit stringy, but good enough to print over the top of. Not bad for a first print :D

I calculated my E_steps_per_mm instead of measuring it, seems like my calculations were good! :D

Calculation was 3200 [steps/rev] * 39/11 [wade gear ratio] / 6.75 [hob effective diameter] / 3.1415926535 [pi] = 535.0

For those curious, that's cheap cloth tape on the bed, probably PVC or something. I just couldn't get this PLA to stick to the bare glass.

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