Saturday, August 27, 2011

And the Printing continues

I've printed, broken and adjusted lots of things since my last post. I've taken my frankenmendel to a science expo and had a lot of people very interested. I've submitted a few things to thingiverse. I've snapped my Z belt a few times, I've had pulleys spinning on motor shafts despite set screws on all four axes at different times. I've added springs under my bed, reshaped the bed clamps, replaced parts with ones I've printed, ripped up my tape with the nozzle countless times, had wires falling out of my electronics... It all seems to be settling down though, anything that comes loose gets blasted with the hot glue these days!

Here's a quick photo tour:

Herringbone Extruder Gears Cube Gears Lash Maze modified Y bracket Heart Crown Spool Holders Butterfly, two colour Frame Vertex Frame Vertex Complete Electronics Mechanics

My things are on thingiverse if you're wondering.

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