Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extruder failure!

After my success with MakerGear's new SS barrels and thoroughly enjoying my heatsink mounting system, I tried printing some PLA. This involved switching barrels for a brass one with a 3mm bore that I had lying around. I decided to try reusing my heatsink mount to see how it would go with the brass barrel, and also because I didn't want to have to take my entire wade's apart again to put on the groovemount that came with this barrel. A few short minutes after getting it all warmed up and squirting hot PLA at 200°C, I noticed the following:

Extruder failure Extruder failure Extruder failure

Considering that this same wade's and carriage had been perfectly fine printing nylon at 290°C, it becomes evident that the stainless steel barrel and its thermal break had far more to do with that success than my heatsink!

The heat really likes travelling up that brass:

How am I gonna clean this?

Now I know why everyone's adding fans!

One of Greg's Accessible Wade's has been earmarked as the first thing to print for quite a long time due to how much of a hassle it is getting around this classic wade's. It seems my hand is being forced.

I think this is salvageable...

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