Sunday, June 26, 2011

PCB Heated Bed

Overview Thermistor

Here's my homegrown heated bed. I decided to make my own because prusa's needed a bigger board than I had available.

Resistance measures at 0.9 ohms although my multimeter isn't exactly accurate with stuff like that. Eagle's length-freq-ri ULP also pegs resistance at about 0.9 ohms.

It reaches about 116°C with ambient of 10°C, a felt underlay, and my power supply's 12v rail drooping to about 11.3v despite two 12v 50w lights loading the 5v line.

Here's the eagle BRD file for those interested: Heated Print Bed.brd.

Straightening my wade's idler

Just need to add a proper surface now, and see how it goes!


  1. 116°C sounds too low.
    120-135°C works well here.
    <120°C did not work at all here with my first printed bed.

  2. thanks, after further testing I've had it up as high as 140c :)