Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Extrusion! Working Axes!

First Extrusion!
Very Exciting!

I haven't posted in a while, been waiting for parts, money, ideas to come. Over the past couple of weeks I've made significant progress though. As you can see below, my printer is no longer all wood, and so this blog is probably now rather poorly named, however I'll keep it here until I can think of a better name.

Here's the current state of my frankenprinter:

Output Side

Top View


Z Belt Tensioner

All the axes are working, if a shade stiff. Now I need to construct a bed somehow, and I can get printing!

I have bought a piece of blank PCB which I'll etch a heater pattern onto. Here's my current design:

Heater Pattern

Please comment if you think this won't work, or will work well!

Big thanks to Mark Lagana and Greg Frost for printed parts, MrAlvin for the mega (and a ramps board not pictured- I'll use it when I get around to removing my pololus from my current board, or have to replace them), and MakerGear for a lovely hot-end

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