Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wooden X 360 Z Bearing Plate

Top View

Front View

With Rod

Here's my first X 360 Z Bearing Plate and mirror. Tolerances are lovely and wide in the mendel design- even though these plates are so obviously out of whack, they still roll nicely up and down the rod. Despite this, I will re-do some of the holes, and endeavour to make the next pair a bit more neatly.

These pieces I think are some that should be made from hardwood. Pine and similar softwoods simply don't have the structural integrity to stand up to the forces involved in machining them, and would probably snap after a while in use due to the forces applied.

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  1. Hardwood plywood. Around here it's called baltic birch. Strong, and dimensionally stable (no cross-grain issues). You can even get it faced on both sides with phenolic (aka formica) which makes it more rigid.