Sunday, November 29, 2009

Made some more parts since my last post, check them out:

Z Bar Top Clamp
Z Bar Cracked

Clearly I cut the z-bar with the grain running the wrong way. I'll have to reorient and make some more, see if they survive better. Perhaps make them fatter?

Y Motor Bracket
Y Motor Bracket

I haven't cut out the opto-flag on these yet, I only got my "router" working in the past day or so. A router bit in a pedestal drill is the closest I have to a mill at the moment.

Z Leadscrew Base
Z Leadscrew Base

Z leadscrew bases, with my first work on my repurposed drill. I think the wood at the bottom of these may split under the weight at some point, but I'll deal with that when it happens.

Ball Chain

You can still see the black marks on some of the balls in the ball chain where I measured its exact pitch. Turned out to be 4.77mm pitch, 3.6mm ball diameter, 3m for AU$12 at my local hardware store.


From a toaster, so uninsulated. Considering insulating with aluminium, whose oxide is an excellent insulator while conducting heat quite readily.

Ball Bearings

from Small Parts and Bearings who seem to be the only shop in Australia that has ball bearings in an online shop.

Prints waiting to be cut

Various prints either made already or waiting to be made.

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