Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wooden X 360 Z Assembly

End View


Side Plate


Here's my X carriage 360 end assembled. Despite the significant errors made in these pieces, they fit together surprisingly well. I haven't fitted the adjustment bolts as the wings hold on quite tight enough without them. I think this is the first bearing runner I've made to date that doesn't try to rotate around the bar while moving along it- all my errors must cancel each other out, or this particular section can deal with gross imperfections better than any of the others I've made.

In other news, I found some linear acceleration stuff to put in my firmware and I seem to have most of the bugs out of it.

The acceleration code ganked from the official FiveD firmware acclerates by a set amount each step but steps get closer together, so acceleration is exponential and deceleration is logarithmic, making really high speeds impossible to attain. The above mathematics allow a constant acceleration profile with only a little integer math each step, which is ideal for us.

It needed some adaption because it was created to move a fixed distance in a certain period of time rather than change from one speed to another while moving a fixed distance, but everything needed to adapt it is there.

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