Thursday, January 14, 2010

X Carriage

X Carriage

Channel View

Race End View

Here's my X Carriage. I'm really not sure why the top is pine and the bottom is hardwood- perhaps because I prefer doing weird angles and things in hardwood. You may notice that the belt clamp section is missing a piece, this is because I didn't have any pieces of wood tall enough. I'll just screw/glue a section on if necessary, however I may not need to since I'm using ball chain. You may also note the print-outs glued on the ends, which guided me beautifully.

Trapped Nuts

The trapped nuts were fun to do, about 20 mins each with my dremel's small round engraving bit. I then glue the nuts in with PVA to stop them escaping, without making them impossible to remove.

Bottom Cut-Outs

I also added some cut-outs to the bottom so the angled bearing screws would sit nicely.


  1. I dont really get, why you copied traped nuts too.
    It has nor significance imho. (although I didnt built my extruder yet).

    Best regards,

  2. Laszlo, the M4 bolts aren't long enough without the trapped nuts, and the wood would be too thin if I just cut off enough for them to fit, and I didn't feel like cutting down longer bolts.

    Also, I'm trying to stay as faithful as I can to the STLs so I can replace parts one by one when it's working, rather than having to do whole sections.

  3. With my Mendel build
    Triffid Hunter is right I can only replace whole sections when they are all printed..

    As I didn't think my wood working skills and my ability to get the correct dimensional info were good enough to make exact replicas of the Mendel parts.
    I also do not have a good suply of timber, I did have hundreds of Nylon corner blocks. So a Repstrap build is controlled by skill and the avalability of materials to make one.

    So its horses for courses when it comes to Rep Strapping Lazlo Linked firmly with what you can afford to buy or not.

  4. Nice work with your build Triffid Hunter! Looks like its coming along well!